Collections for Organizations

Collections for organizations allow institutions in Stillwater that serve individuals who cannot travel to the library to borrow items via a monthly delivery service. Some examples of organizations eligible for this service include daycares, pre-schools, youth shelters, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. 

To participate, organizations must complete an application and sign a letter of agreement to have library materials delivered every month. Librarians will select materials for the organization, maintain circulation records, prepare items for delivery, and deliver and pick up items monthly. Materials will be selected based on information provided on the application, through communication with designated individuals, and via request sheets provided to the organization. 

Each month organizations can receive a maximum of TWO containers of materials; each container contains 20 items. While items will primarily include books, organizations can request additional formats. Items are loaned for 30 days with no renewals. No fines are assessed for overdue items; however, if items are not returned within three months or if items are returned damaged, the organization will be charged for the cost of the item(s).

  1. Brandon Borowicz

    Administrative Clerk
    Phone: (405) 372-3633 x8115

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