Reference librarians are available during business hours to answer questions, provide instruction, and assist with performing research. They are located at the Adult Help Desk in the center of the main library. Our library is a "Ready Reference" library, which means that we can assist with shorter questions, generally lasting up to 15 minutes. If you have extensive research needs, librarians will be glad to provide instruction. A librarian may be able to perform extensive research, if scheduling permits, under our Fee-based Research Policy. You can also contact reference librarians via the following methods during regular library hours:

  • By Phone: (405) 372-3633 x8106 - Answers to brief questions, information about the library catalog, library services, and programs.
  • By Email: - Please be as specific as possible so we can provide you with the best answer.
  • By Chat/Messenger - Send questions using Facebook Messenger. Librarians may not answer immediately if they are helping another patron.
  1. Adult Help Desk

    Phone: (405) 372-3633 x8106