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Fire Department

  1. Burn Permit Request

    Request a burn permit.


  1. Adult Library Card Application (18+)

    Residents of Payne County Oklahoma ages 18 and up can apply for a library card here. Within 24-hours after applying you will receive a... More…

  2. Homebound Application
  3. Library Tour or Outreach Visit Request
  4. Personalized Reading Recommendations

    Complete the form to get personalized book recommendations for a librarian.

  5. Suggest a Library Program
  6. Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) Application

    Teens in grades 6-12 can apply to participate in TAC, a teen advisory group that volunteers to help the Stillwater Public Library plan... More…

  1. Book Club Registration

    Register your book club so you can borrow the library's book club kits.

  2. Interlibrary Loan Request

    Submit this form to request an Interlibrary Loan.

  3. Long-term Volunteer Application
  4. Short-Term Volunteer Application
  5. Suggest a Purchase

    Is there an item you're looking for that the library doesn't have? Complete and submit the form and a librarian will consider... More…

  6. What Does the Stillwater Public Library Mean to You?

    Tell us your library story.