Everyone in your entry needs to know

Entry Number – Locate your entry number on the map, text it to everyone in your group.

Entry Name (as it is on the lineup form) – Text it to everyone in your group.

Everyone needs to know the correct barricade location to enter the staging area – Text it to everyone in your group.

Write your barricade location on the back of your staging number.

Entries wishing to enter the staging area that cannot provide their name or number, will not be allowed into the staging area.

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1. Parade Date and Start Time
2. Each packet should include
3. Everyone in your entry needs to know
4. What does the color of my lineup number mean?
5. Parade Route
6. Where do I display my number during the parade?
7. What do I do if I lose my staging number?
8. Why do I need two capable drivers?
9. No Parade substitutions are allowed
11. What if I am a parade entry member with functional-needs, how do I access my staging location?
12. Why do I have to take side roads back from the parade if my entry involves and animal, or specialty vehicles?
13. When should I arrive for the parade?
14. What happens if there is inclement weather?
15. What if I have an emergency while I am in the parade?
16. What if I hear a siren during the parade?
17. Animals
18. Horse Entries
19. Multiple Vehicle Entries
20. Staging Area/Respect for Neighborhoods
21. Decorated Vehicles and Trailers
22. Can I throw candy?
23. Who do I contact if I have questions?