Is the street system designed to carry stormwater?

Yes, the streets are part of our stormwater drainage system. Our drainage regulations limit the amount of water allowed to be carried in the street and the depth of the water based upon the classification of the street. 

Local streets are allowed to have more depth than collector or arterial streets. Regardless of the classification, the depth of the street is limited to allow at least one direction of passage without danger of being swept from the road. Some of our older streets were installed before the current drainage regulations. 

Streets in the flood plains are also sometimes exempted based upon the frequency of the flooding and the cost. These are usually along Stillwater Creek. One other exception is Western Road (north of Hall of Fame Avenue and south of McElroy Avenue). This area is part of a flood-control structure that protects residential properties downstream of Hall of Fame Ave. to 12th Avenue.

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5. Is the street system designed to carry stormwater?