What happens when a violation is not corrected?

Each violation has a set of enforcement procedures and time limit for compliance. However, if the violation is not corrected in the time allowed, the City may allow additional time for an education process and additional notices to resolve the violation. The property owner may also file an appeal, which also takes time. After which, the City has two enforcement options (both of which takes time):

  • Abatement: In a typical case, the City will hire a private contractor to mow, to demolish or board and secure a structure or to clean a property of junk and debris-with the property owner being bill by the City for the contractor's services, legal services and more. If need be, a tax lien may be placed on the property to cover the costs.
  • Judicial Remedies: Failure to correct violations can result in fines of as much as $549 per day for each violation, depending on the violation.

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1. What happens when a violation is not corrected?
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