Smart Meters

The City of Stillwater will begin using smart electric meters. On August 7, 2023, the City Council approved the transition to smart electric meters (Resolution NO CC-2023-25: SUA 2023-6 (PDF)). The new meters will improve efficiency and service.

What Are Smart Electric Meters?

Smart meters measure your energy usage just like our old meters, but with a small difference. Instead of needing manual monthly readings, smart meters send your utility usage data to the City every day. This change makes it more convenient for both residents and the utility service.

Smart Electric Meter

How Smart Meters Work

Smart meters use a secure network to transmit your usage readings to the City of Stillwater's electric utility office. Upon reception, the data is processed, providing you with detailed insights into your daily and long-term utility usage.

Enhanced Service

Smart meters not only collect data more efficiently but they're also helpful tools. They can alert us to utility problems, which in turn helps us improve our response times, leading to better service.

Opt-out of Smart Meter Service

Residents who choose not to use this service can opt-out, but please be aware that there are associated fees for opting out. For more details, please refer to the links below.

Should you choose to opt-out of the smart meter service, return a completed Smart Electric Meter Opt-Out Form (PDF) to Utility & Billing Services at the Municipal Building at 723 S. Lewis Street.