Operations Bureau

Operations Captain

Royce Stephens, Stillwater Police Department

Captain Royce Stephens

The Operations Bureau contains specialized units, including:

  • Animal Welfare: The Animal Welfare unit provides immediate response to emergencies concerning animals within city limits.
  • Criminal Investigations: This unit contains highly trained detectives who gather evidence, interview witnesses, analyze data, and coordinate with other agencies to solve cases.
  • Parking Enforcement: The parking enforcement unit is responsible for enforcing parking regulations as mandated by the law. They are under the supervision of the second watch patrol lieutenant.
  • Patrol Unit: Our Patrol Unit works around the clock, providing a constant presence in our community. They offer immediate assistance to those in need by responding to emergencies and non-emergency calls.

1st Watch Patrol Lieutenant

Kyle Bruce, Stillwater Police Department

Lieutenant Kyle Bruce

2nd Watch Patrol Lieutenant

Shawn Millermon, Stillwater Police Department

Lieutenant Shawn Millermon

3rd Watch Patrol Lieutenant

Jeremy Rager, Stillwater Police Department

Lieutenant Jeremy Rager

Criminal Investigations

Cody Manuel, Stillwater Police Department

Lieutenant Cody Manuel