Customer Feedback

"It's so simple, it makes you grin. I've had in my career lots of travel experience. This is about as smooth as you can possibly make it."  - Bruce Tifft, Plant Manager, Asco Aerospace USA

"I do have family in Tulsa, so occasionally I could park my vehicle at their house. But again, sometimes it was just a pain getting it over there, it was a pain having to park at the airport on those days when I had to park at the airport. It started to get expensive. Versus today, I woke up, I packed a suitcase and within 30 minutes I was at the airport."  - Sydney Stewart, OSU Student

"We're often working with site selectors to find other companies to bring to Stillwater, to make Stillwater their home for their business. Having commercial air service that takes you to such a big hub like Dallas is an important part of our strategy when it comes to economic development." - Rebecca Eastham, Meridian Technology Center

"We do have quite a bit of travel involved in our company, around maybe 400 flights a year, so we have a good number of flyers constantly out. They're really enjoying the benefit of coming home from a long trip and being right here in Stillwater. It's almost like having your own personal airport." Steve Irby, President of Stillwater Designs Inc. - KICKER

"Rather than flying into Oklahoma City or Tulsa, and then dealing with finding your car in the garage, driving back to Stillwater and getting home, it's usually a 10 minute affair now. So for me, personally, it's been a game changer because the amount of travel I do is considerable..."  - Behfar Jahanshahi, CEO of InterWorks, Inc.

"There's no doubt that it is so easy to fly in & out of Stillwater." - Cristy Jo Morrison, President/CEO of VisitStillwater

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