The History of the Stillwater Police Department Patch

SPD Patch Banner

We have updated our patch to represent our values and commitment to the standards and guiding principles we use to serve our community. We are deeply rooted in the core values of integrity, excellence, and commitment as we protect and serve our community through difficult decision-making situations and in our everyday life.

  • Integrity to adhere to moral and ethical policing principles and to follow the policies, laws, and constitution of the State of Oklahoma and the United States of America.
  • Excellence to continually strive for excellence in the services we provide to our community.
  • Commitment of our pledge to the community and residents we serve to upload the law without prejudice or malice. To treat our residents fairly and to never abuse the authority granted to us. To sacrifice our safety to ensure the safety of those we serve.

Stillwater Police Department (SPD) officers share a common thread to best serve our community, coworkers, and the policing profession.


The state flag emblem on our patch features an Osage warrior's shield, an olive branch, a calumet or peace pipe, and crosses lying across the shield. The shield represents defense of the state, and the crosses symbolize stars. The olive branch and calumet are emblems of peace.

  1. The five-point star at the bottom of the patch represents justice, mercy, and wisdom.
  2. The navy blue color is indicative of stability, unity, and confidence.
  3. The shape at the bottom of the patch includes an open book design. We are always learning, training, growing, and improving ourselves and the police department.
  4. The banner at the bottom of the patch represents our pride in the State of Oklahoma.
SPD Patch History