Pavement Management Program

After investing in repaving and repairing streets, the city takes steps to keep that pavement in good shape as long as possible. To do just that, the Pavement Management Program (PMP) prioritizes and recommends transportation improvements within the City's rights of way.

The program identifies appropriate maintenance strategies (preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, deferred maintenance) for each street based on their condition and use.

Other advantages of this program include:

  • Improving the quality of the City’s streets in a financially responsible manner;
  • Implementing a plan that considers both immediate and long-term needs;
  • Promoting transparency by educating the public about our decision process.

Pavement Maintenance Strategies

  • Preventative maintenance: application of crack seals, thin non-structural surface overlays and other treatments used to maintain and extend the service life of pavement.
  • Rehabilitation strategies: application of structural pavement overlays, full depth patching and other treatments to repair and extend the service life of pavement.
  • Reconstruction strategies: replacement of existing pavement with new pavement and base material on streets that renews the service life of pavement.
  • Deferred maintenance: includes rehabilitation and reconstruction strategies on localized areas such as high severity potholes, failed concrete panels or significant segments of failed pavements to extend the service life.