Bike Riding & Multi-Use Trails

Stillwater cyclists hit the streets every day for exercise, transportation and recreation, so it's important that travelers notice "Share the Road" and "Bicycle Route" signs as well as the Share the Road "sharrow" pavement markers.

  • Share the Road: Motorists should expect to share the roads with bicyclists. Many city streets are marked with sharrows (street marking of bicycle with arrow) that serve as visual cues for drivers to expect bicyclists along routes.
  • Bicycle Routes were identified in 2009 by a citizens committee. There is a map in the Multi-Use Trail & On-Street Bicycle Master Plan that shows routes bicyclists might consider using. There is a 2016/2017 initiative to recommend changes to the City Council through an Ad Hoc Citizen Advisory Committee.
  • Multi-Use Trails: Stillwater is also served by a number of paved and unpaved bicycle and walking trails for non-motorized forms of transit, including the Kameoka Trail Corridor

Becoming a Bicycle-Friendly Community

The League of American Bicyclists has designated the City of Stillwater as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community.

Multi-Modal Transportation