Food Trucks

An Itinerant Merchant for Mobile Food Services license is required to operate a food truck within the City of Stillwater, OK. This page will inform you of local ordinances and other requirements for the State of Oklahoma and a county health department.

Itinerant Merchant for Mobile Food Services License

Local ordinance requires mobile food services, commonly known as "food trucks," to acquire an Itinerant Merchant for Mobile Food Services license. For more information, see the local ordinance for food service operators.

Apply For A License

To apply for a license, complete the Application for Mobile Food Service License (PDF) and return it, along with the required documents, to the City Clerk at 723 S. Lewis St.

License Fee and Renewal

The application fee is $50. Once approved, your license is valid for one year from the date of issue, unless revoked.

Other Requirements

  • A copy of your Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit is required. More information about the Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit can be found at
  • A copy of your Food Service Establishment License issued by a State of Oklahoma county health department. Find more information at the Oklahoma State Department of Health website.

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