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Is there an item you're looking for that we don't have in the library? 

  1. Please make sure that you've checked the online catalog to be sure we don't have the item you want or ask a librarian for help if you aren't sure how to search. 
  2. To be eligible for purchase, the item(s) must meet the requirements of our Collection Development Policy (PDF).
  3. Popular and bestselling authors are automatically ordered as soon as they are available, so they should not be submitted on this form.
  4. The library is not able to consider suggestions for items more than three months in advance of publication.
  5. If the library does not purchase the item, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan for $2 per item. Just indicate your preference below.

Note: For eBook and eAudiobook suggestions, you'll need to go through the OK Virtual Library. In your Libby app, search for the title and tag it with "Notify Me" to get an alert if the title is added to the collection.

Suggest a Purchase

  1. If we do not purchse the item, would you like us to place an interlibrary loan for you?*

    There is a $2 fee for Interlibrary Loan requests 

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