Pay-As-You-Throw Bags

If you occasionally have more household trash than will fit in your blue trash cart, consider requesting a larger or a second cart. You may also consider purchasing our 35-gallon Pay-As-You-Throw Bags.

Where to Buy Pay-As-You-Throw Bags

Bags are sold at the Convenience Collection Center for $1.50 a bag or $7.50 for five bags. Packages of five bags are also sold at local OnCues and the Valero on W. 6th Ave.

How To Dispose of Pay-As-You-Throw Bags

Bags may be placed curbside on designated pick-up days. Be sure to place bags five feet from your blue cart(s). Or, bring the bags to the Convenience Collection Center for disposal. 

Remember, you paid the disposal fee when you purchased the bag.