Instructions for Recycling

Single-Stream Recycling

As a residential customer, you may choose a recycling cart size (35, 64 or 96-gallon) that best fits your needs. Recycle carts have yellow lids.

  1. All accepted recyclables go into one cart — unsorted.
  2. Do not bag recyclables.
  3. Glass products do not go in the single-stream recycle carts.
  4. Place carts curbside by 6 a.m. and five feet from other carts or obstacles to ensure pickup.
  5. Crews will pick up your recycled items on the same day as your regular waste collection day, including holidays.

Glass Recycling (City Limits Only)

  1. Totes must weigh less than 25 pounds.
  2. Recyclable glass items must be cleaned out before they are placed in totes.
  3. Labels can be left on.
  4. Remove metal and plastic lids.
  5. Totes should be placed at the curb before 6 a.m. and five feet from other carts or obstacles to ensure pickup.
  6. Crews will pick up your glass recycling on your first regular collection day of each month, even if it is a holiday.

Items accepted include the following:

  • Food and beverage bottles
  • drinking glasses
  • glass vases
  • glass cookware without metal pieces in any color

Items not accepted include the following:

  • Plastic or metal container lids
  • ceramics
  • light bulbs
  • mirror glass, window glass

Fluorescent light bulbs and tubes are accepted at the Convenience Collection Center. Fees apply.

How to Use Your City of Stillwater Recycling Cart