Stormwater Management

In 1990 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated regulations for establishing water quality-based municipal stormwater programs to address stormwater runoff from certain industrial and construction activities and from medium and large municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) serving populations of 100,000 or greater.

 On December 8, 1999, EPA published final regulations that address urban stormwater runoff from cities under 100,000 population and counties that lie within the Urbanized Area as defined by the latest US Bureau of Census designation or otherwise designated by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) as being required to obtain coverage under the State’s Phase II Stormwater program.

As one of these “Phase II” cities, the City of Stillwater must maintain a comprehensive Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) that addresses six “Minimum Control Measures” (MCMs). These are:

  • Public Education and Outreach
  • Public Participation and Involvement
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control
  • Post Construction Management in New Development  and Re-Development
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

The ODEQ has primary jurisdiction over permitting and enforcement of the Phase II Stormwater Program for Oklahoma.  On November 1, 2015, the ODEQ finalized their General Permit (OKR04) for Phase II Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Discharges within the State of Oklahoma. 

The Phase II regulations require that the regulated community submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to apply for coverage under the Oklahoma Stormwater General Permit (OKR04) along with a Stormwater Management Program document (SWMP) that specifies, for each MCM, what activities will be performed (Best Management Practices – BMPs), along with schedules and measurable goals for each BMP. In accordance with an ODEQ request, the City of Stillwater submitted only a summary of the SWMP with the NOI.

This SWMP document fulfills the OKR04 General Permit requirement to prepare a detailed plan of how the City of Stillwater will address stormwater discharges within its city limits.

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