Couch Park

Couch park is located at East 12th Street and Alcott Drive. It has a playground, sidewalk and trails, two gazebos, tennis courts, three baseball/softball fields, swimming pool and the Senior Center. 

Playground Equipment at Couch Park
Slides and Playground Equipment at Couch Park


Couch Park offers a playground, trails, two pavilions, baseball fields, tennis courts and more.


The playground at Couch Park offers an exciting play area for kids. Most of the park is covered by large trees that offer shade on a sunny day. Equipment includes swings, slides, climbing structures, balance beams and more. 

Walking, Jogging & Biking Trails

The Southeast corner of Couch Park marks the beginning of the Kameoka Trail. Paved sidewalks stretch through the park and connect to Hoyt Grove Park to the North. This trail offers a peaceful place to enjoy a walk, jog or bicycle ride. 



Couch Park has two pavilions, great for hosting parties and gatherings. These facilities are available for reservation and rental, and they're positioned on either side of the playground, a short walk from the public restroom.

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