Fire Station No. 2 - T.I.M.E. Project

Built in 1938, Fire Station No. 2 represents a long, successful partnership between the City of Stillwater and Oklahoma State University. It is located on the OSU campus at University Avenue and Knoblock Street. OSU leases the station to the City for $1 a year.

The station is a community icon and is listed on the National Registry of Historical Buildings. It served the university as OSU built its world-class fire protection and fire publication programs. Today, it serves the community as one of Stillwater’s four fire stations.

Current Station

The 83-year-old building is woefully outdated and falls well below current national environmental, safety, technological and living standards. In addition, despite the best efforts of Stillwater firefighters, Fire State No. 2 response times are hindered by its location and physical limitations. Fire Station No. 2 faces the following issues:

  • Slow response times due to street layout, lack of street lights, traffic congestion
  • Response time also hurt by outdated station design and slow bay doors
  • Lack of space for company and multiple company training
  • Response and training deficiencies negatively affect Insurance Service Office (ISO) ratings, which impact residents’ homeowners insurance
  • Lacks modern fire alarm and security systems
  • Not energy efficient; poor heating and cooling; poor insulation
  • No exhaust capture system; diesel fumes enter station and living areas
  • Inadequate, outdated living quarters, kitchen, showers, bathrooms
  • Lacks co-ed facilities, office space, parking
  • Some areas, including training tower, unusable due to contamination, decay
  • Foundational issues; presence of lead paint, asbestos

Proposed Station

Stillwater clearly needs a modern, better-located Fire Station No. 2 to adequately serve City residents, Oklahoma State University and Payne County. Because of its location and condition, renovating the current Fire Station No. 2 is not a viable option.

Thanks to its strong partnership with Oklahoma State University, the university is providing a location for a new Fire Station No. 2 on the east side of Western Avenue, north of McElroy. With a move, OSU will take back full ownership of the current Fire Station No. 2.

Moving to a northwest Stillwater location offers numerous benefits as the Stillwater Fire Department pursues its goal of reaching any fire or emergency in four minutes or less:

  • Reduces coverage overlap between Fire Stations Nos. 1, 2 and 3; providing broader, more efficient coverage
  • Improves access to major arterial streets, allowing for quicker response and safer travel
  • Improves response times not only for fire, but for emergency medical calls
  • Improves response and access to Stillwater Regional Airport
  • Better response times help Stillwater reach National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) goals and improve Insurance Service Office (ISO) ratings
  • The projected cost for a new Fire Station is $7-9 million. The new 13,000-15,000-square-foot facility would include:
  • Three drive-through bays
  • Updated, co-ed living facilities
  • Meet all safety, environmental, vehicle exhaust, ADA and other requirements
  • Space for meetings and training; with ability for future expansion to accommodate community growth

Community Input

The City of Stillwater is committed to engaging citizens as it evaluates the pressing improvement needs already identified, as well as those gained from citizen input. The City will also seek citizen feedback on funding the projects.

The City will be holding community meetings in fall of 2021 across Stillwater. For the purpose of the meetings, the City will be divided north and south by Hall of Fame Avenue and east and west by Duck Street, forming four areas. Meetings will be held in each quadrant.

Community Meeting Schedule

A table displaying the schedule for community meetings.
Meeting Date Time Location
1 August 24, 2021 6 - 7:30 pm Stillwater Middle School
2 September 7, 2021 6 - 7:30 pm Highland Park Elementary School
3 September 14, 2021 6 - 7:30 pm Will Rogers Elementary School
4 September 21, 2021 7:30 - 8 pm Student Union Theater
5 September 23, 2021 6 - 7:30 pm  

As part of its plans to engage Stillwater residents in the process, the City will be forming various citizen committees to provide guidance and oversight.

Residents can also give input on the projects at any time by visiting the T.I.M.E. Projects page on the City's civic engagement platform, Speak Up Stillwater.

The community input will help guide the City Council as it determines the best course forward for Stillwater.