Maps of Stillwater, OK

Our geographic information systems (GIS) website provides access to city boundaries, ownership parcels, street centerlines, zoning districts, parks, trails, utilities and more. The All Layers Map contains most GIS layers and various tools for search and analysis. Use the gray button at the bottom of the screen, labeled layer list, to view all available layers.

The maps listed below with specific titles are layers that have been customized into individual maps to make viewing easier for our residents and guests.

All Layers

Map Preview for GIS All Layers

Base Map

Map Preview for GIS Base

Floodplain Map

Map Preview for GIS Flood Plain

Parks, Trails & Open Spaces

Map Preview for GIS Parks and Trails

Sex Offender Buffer Zone

Map Preview for GIS Sex Offender Buffer Zone

Tax Increment Finance Districts

Map Preview for GIS TIF Districts

Utilities Map

Map Preview for GIS Utilities

Zoning Map

Map Preview for GIS Zoning

Road Closure Map

Road Closed Sign

Custom Mapping Services

Custom maps are available to customers who have specific requirements for map size, scale, design and content. Typically, we will create a custom map when a customer wishes to convey a specific message, display the results of geographic analysis, or when the underlying geographic data must be created or manipulated in some way before being placed on the map.

This service relies on the GIS cartographer's skillful use of GIS analysis techniques combined with proficiency with GIS software and programming languages. See our fee schedule for cost estimate.

Legal Issues

The information and maps shown via GIS are compiled from various sources and subject to constant revision. These maps should not be used to determine the relationship of various facilities to property lines, streets, buildings, etc. This is an advisory tool and is intended to be used for general public inquiry only. The data is for informational purposes only and should not be substituted for a true engineering work, property appraisal, survey, or for zoning verification. The City assumes no legal responsibility for the information contained in this data.

Note that some data layers and/or data attributes that are specific to the internal business of city departments, that are sensitive in nature, that are copy righted by other companies, or that are not accessible to GIS are not available for viewing or download.

Maps in PDF Format