Community Development

The City of Stillwater's Community Development department is responsible for three distinct divisions dedicated to managing development and community resources for the city. 

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services department offers valuable administrative assistance to various departments within the City, including Community Development divisions, City Engineering, Water Utilities Engineering, and others.

Building Safety

The Building Safety division oversees plan reviews and inspections for construction throughout the City.


The Planning Team administers standards of the Land Development Code to ensure new development and redevelopment meet with Stillwater's standards and will enhance the quality of life. Planning also provides support to the Planning Commission.

Planning also oversees the following activities:

  • Develop, update, and amend Master Plans, Small Area Plans, and other planning-related studies to provide guidance for proper development.
  • Create and implement the City’s Zoning Ordinance to ensure minimum development standards are met.
  • Create and implement the Subdivision Ordinance and Regulation to ensure the division of land is fulfilled in a way that ensures adequate size lots are created, proper access is provided, and coordinate with other Planning department staff members and City Departments to ensure all applicable codes are met.
  • Review current planning applications that include but not limited to Rezoning, Specific Use, Board of Appeals Variance, Commercial Use by Right, Planned Unit Development, Lot Subdivision, and Map Amendment applications.

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