Police Records

Citizens may request copies of police records. To obtain copies of a record, you must submit a request for open record inspection and reproduction. Depending on your circumstances, you may receive a public record or redacted record.

  • Public records include the date, time and locations, victim names, offense, and property listed in the report. This will suffice for most insurance claims. If the police report has an open case status or is an active case in district court, only a public copy will be released without a court order.
  • Complete records are reviewed by the City Attorney's office and/or Criminal Investigation Division (CID) commander for authorization to release or deny the record request.

Police reports will be released under the guidelines of the open records act. See Oklahoma Open Records Act Title 51, Section 24A.5 and Oklahoma Open Records Act Title 51, Section 24A.8 for more information. All personal information, medical information, and other sensitive information will be redacted. A court order is required for a full, unredacted police record.