Fire Marshal - Community Risk Reduction Division

The Community Risk Reduction Division of the Stillwater Fire Department plays a crucial role in keeping our community safe. With a focus on inspections, fire investigations, and public safety education, this division works tirelessly to prevent fires and ensure that our city is prepared for any emergency.

The Community Risk Reduction Division is responsible for enforcing the currently adopted municipal codes and provisions of the 2009/2015 International Fire Code, and they also conduct courtesy inspections upon request for permit applicants or potential buyers of commercial structures. This helps to ensure that all buildings in our community are up to code and safe for occupancy.

In the event of a fire, the Community Risk Reduction Division is also responsible for conducting thorough investigations to determine the origin and cause, whether accidental or incendiary. They work to identify any potential hazards and take steps to prevent future fires from occurring.

Finally, the Fire Prevention Division is deeply committed to public education, and they offer a range of programs designed to promote fire and safety awareness in our community. These programs include the distribution of free smoke detectors, fire prevention week activities at local elementary schools, Kids Awareness Day, the Safe Kids Buckle Up Program, Career Path, fire safety talks with private and civic organizations, health fairs, and public service announcements. We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the Fire Prevention Division, who help to keep our community safe and prepared for any emergency.