Bulk Water Service

Pay As You Go

The cost of bulk water is as follows:  

Water can be loaded at one of the following locations Monday through Friday between 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. You must have your payment receipt with you to receive the water.

  • Water Service Center at Operations South (707 E 8th Avenue). No 18-wheelers allowed.
  • Water Treatment Plant (1022 W Yost Road)

Bulk Water Meter

A contract will need to be completed by someone who has the authorization to sign legal documents on behalf of your company.

  • Go to the Municipal Building at 723 S Lewis Street.
  • A picture ID is required.
  • Payment in the amount of $2,108 ($2,000 deposit plus $54 installation fee and $54 removal fee) will be required at the time of the request for the meter.
  • Any additional request to move the meter to another hydrant location requires a $54 fee.
  • Allow two business days for the meter to be set.

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