Report Utility Outage or Problem

Electric Utility - Report Power Outage

Report A Problem Online

Go to the Power Outage Online Mapping system, which allows you to report and check the status of your outage. The City uses the data entered with each report to help staff more precisely identify the source and scope of each outage.

Users are asked to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Utility Account Number and/or Phone Number
  • Additional Comments (Optional)
  • Request a Call Back (Optional; however, you must enter the utility account number to get a call back when your power returns.)
  • Entering an account number is not required, but is preferred. When entering an account number, type it out as listed on your utility bill, including all digits and dashes.
  • The City encourages you to use the phone number associated with your account number to help our crews better serve you.

Note: Unsure which of your phone numbers are linked to your account? Call Utility and Billing Services during regular business hours or complete the Link My Phone Number to My Utility Account form.

Report A Problem By Phone

During a major outage, callers may receive a busy signal or a message from the telephone system stating the call cannot be completed. Be assured during a major event we are aware of the outage and are working diligently and safely to restore your electric service.

Waste Management - Report Missed Trash / Recycling Service or Broken Carts

Report and Track. This interactive tool allows you to alert the City of a problem in your neighborhood or around town and follow up on it. Reports submitted during non-office hours will be reviewed and assigned to a city staffer the next business day.

Water Utilities - Report Water Outage or Wastewater Issue