Electric Car Charging Stations

The City of Stillwater provides four electric car charging stations around town.

Locations include:

  • Strickland Park
  • The Stillwater Public Library
  • Boomer Lake Parking, West
  • Boomer Lake Parking, East

How they work

Pull up to the pump on the side of your car your charging plug is located. There are two types of pumps. One is a quick charge pump and the other is a slower charge pump. If you have a plug-in hybrid car, you will need to use the slower charging pump.

Disconnect the pump plug and plug it into your charging plug. The pump will automatically know you've connected to it and you will see that your vehicle is receiving a charge.

Tap or swipe, either your credit card or RFID card, or scan using your app. The station prefers an RFID card, which you can obtain free from the Francis EV charging app. The app also shows you where there are charging stations throughout Oklahoma.

If you have any problems or receive an error message, call the 800 number (800-489-1588) on the pump screen. The pump number is also located at the top of the screen.