Renewable Energy

The City of Stillwater wants to explore ways to bring clean, renewable energy to our community. In fact, one of the City's strategic priorities is to provide reliable utility service that meets the needs of today's customers as well as to anticipate future ones, and that means opportunities for renewable energy.

Residential Renewable Energy Systems

Are you a City of Stillwater electric customer who is interested in owning and operating an energy producing system that uses renewable sources like wind, solar, or water?

Start with Energy Efficiency

Before installing a distributed generation system, consider reducing your energy use by making your home more energy efficient. Many energy efficiency measures have a faster return on investment, and the initial investment is less than that of a renewable energy system.

Learn more about Energy Tips and Rebates.

Is Renewable Energy Right for Me?

If you're still not sure, reading through our Distributed Generation FAQs is a good place to start.

If you've made your home as energy efficient as possible and now want to install a distributed generation system, contact the City before you sign or purchase any equipment.

City staff can help you understand the information provided in the Net Energy Metering Distributed Generation Tariff (PDF). It's important that you understand how the tariff works to ensure you receive the expected rate of return on the equipment.

Contact Stillwater Electric Utility's Kyle Muret.

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