Parking & Bench Warrants

Parking Warrants

A parking warrant is issued for a vehicle that has unpaid parking tickets. Therefore, any vehicle parked illegally on a city street may be impounded and held until the following is completed:

  • All unpaid tickets for that vehicle are paid.
  • All state requirements are current and up-to-date (i.e. license and insurance).
  • The owner has obtained a vehicle release slip from the police department records window located inside the Stillwater Police Department at 723 S Lewis Street

Arrest/Bench Warrants

Warrants are issued for individuals who have failed to pay traffic or criminal tickets (by the arraignment date provided on the ticket by the officer at the time of issuance) or who have failed to comply with a court order.

Warrants are issued to the individual in question and are served by law enforcement officers. The individual is held in custody (jail) until the following is completed:

  • The judge releases him or her.
  • The individual pays all fines, or the individual bonds out by a licensed bail bond agent.