Component Units

Component units are organizations that receive funding from the City in order to operate and provide a benefit to the City. Examples include the following:

Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA)

The Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) was established to operate and maintain the city utilities system, which provides electric; trash and recycling collection; and water and wastewater collection to Stillwater residents, businesses and industries.

The SUA is a public trust operating under a trust indenture dated April 1, 1979, and amended by an Amendment to Trust Indenture dated November 1, 1980, and further amended by a Second Amendment to Trust Indenture dated March 24, 2014. It was created by a city ordinance with the City of Stillwater as the beneficiary.

Stillwater Public Works Authority (SPWA)

The Stillwater Public Works Authority (the "SPWA") was created by a Declaration of Trust dated January 21, 1963, pursuant to Title 60, Oklahoma Statutes 1961 and the Oklahoma Trust Act, designating the city council as trustee to enter into contractual arrangements to provide services and physical facilities to departments of the City and, on behalf of the City, to other governments and residential and commercial residents within the corporate boundaries of the City. There are both formal and informal leasing arrangements between the SPWA and the City. The SPWA operations are reported in the accompanying basic financial statements as the internal service fund.

Stillwater Economic Development Authority (SEDA)

The Stillwater Economic Development Authority (the "SEDA") was established by resolution of the city council on February 19, 1990, as the Stillwater Industrial Redevelopment Authority, pursuant to Title 60, Oklahoma Statutes 1981, Sections 176 180.4, inclusive as amended and supplemented (The "Public Trust Act"), Title 11, Oklahoma Statutes 1981, Sections 40 101 through 40 115, inclusive, as amended and supplemented (the "Central Business District Redevelopment Act").

 The authority was renamed via an amendment to the trust on November 5, 2012, as the Stillwater Economic Development Authority. The SEDA is a public trust with the City as beneficiary and the city councilors designated as trustees. The main purpose is the improvement of the economic climate of the trust beneficiary. 

Methods of improving the economic climate may include but are not limited to, assisting in the acquisition of financial resources to improve the availability of housing, redevelopment of blighted areas, and other economic activities. The operations of the SEDA are reported in the accompanying basic financial statements as an enterprise fund.

Stillwater Medical Center Authority (Hospital)

The Stillwater Medical Center Authority (the "Hospital") was created by a trust indenture dated December 14, 1971, pursuant to Title 60, Oklahoma Statutes 1961, Sections 176 to 180.4, and the Oklahoma Trust Act, to construct, maintain, and operate facilities for various types of health care delivery, for use by the State or any political subdivision or municipality of the State, and to lease properties from the City. 

The Hospital is administered by a seven-member board of trustees consisting of the mayor, or one other city councilor, and six other individuals appointed by the city council. Although the Hospital Board of Trustees hires hospital management, monitors the activities of the Hospital, and establishes the rates and charges of the Hospital, the City may remove the Hospital Trustees at will. 

The Hospital's operating and capital expenditures, including debt service, are financed entirely by the Hospital's operating income. All indebtedness of the Hospital is the obligation of the Hospital Trustees, payable solely from the Hospital's assets. However, approval from the City is required for debt issues in excess of 5% of the then outstanding Hospital debt. 

The City leases land to the Hospital and is the beneficiary of the trust estate but has no responsibility to fund deficits or subsidize operations. The Hospital has a December 31 year-end. To obtain separate financial statements for the Hospital, contact the Chief Financial Officer, Stillwater Medical Center, 1323 West Sixth Street, Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074.