Safety Program

The City of Stillwater recognizes that the safety and health of our personnel resources is as important as the activity and work being performed. The City is committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthful working conditions, and we have established and insisted upon safe work methods and practices at all times.

In developing our Safety Program, we involved both management and employees in planning, developing, and implementing safety and health protection. We expect our employees to respond to all planned safety efforts and to perform their assigned jobs in the safest manner possible.

What We Expect

  • Each department head is responsible for the health and safety of each employee in their work environment.
  • Departmental supervisors will consistently enforce safety standards and requirements, act to eliminate any potential hazards under their jurisdiction and set the example of good safety practices.
  • Each employee shall follow safe work practices, obey safety rules, and work to maintain the safety and health standards developed and approved by the City of Stillwater.
  • Every employee is encouraged to make safety and health awareness an integral part of their daily activities both on the job and at home.