Standards of Excellence for Customer Service

The City of Stillwater is responsible for providing responsive, high-quality and efficient municipal services to enhance quality of life.

Our Standards of Excellence are Connected, Performance-Driven, Proud, Respectful, Responsive, and Trustworthy. As City employees, we uphold these standards to achieve our goal of bringing excellence and service together.

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Our commitment to excellence is continuous, so when someone takes the time to recognize exceptionally excellent behavior, we think it should be captured, appreciated and remembered. That's how our Standards in Action campaign was formed.

Want to recognize a City staff member? Use the Standards in Action Recognition Form.


We see an unbroken line connecting the City's mission to our everyday responsibilities and to our desire to deliver high-quality services.

  • We Are Committed: We are committed to supporting the City's mission and our duty to provide high-quality programs and services.
  • We Are Knowledgeable: We strive to keep up to date in our area of expertise.
  • We Are Willing: We are eager to grow, learn and help while maintaining an upbeat attitude.


We are productive, resourceful and adept at addressing issues, problems and citizen concerns.

  • We Are Flexible: We demonstrate a willingness to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, thoughts, views, suggestions and experiences to find common ground.
  • We Take Initiative: We choose to be proactive and resourceful, beyond our typical responsibilities, to help others.
  • We Are Innovative: We are not afraid to try new things. We anticipate change and look for forward-thinking solutions that move our organization to the next level.
  • We Value Teamwork: We coordinate our efforts in the interest of a common cause.


We take pride in serving our community by doing high-quality, rewarding work.

  • We Are Professional: We exhibit good judgment, polite behavior and present ourselves in a mature, respectable manner. We take? pride in our appearance and words.
  • We Demonstrate Stewardship: We maximize the resources entrusted to us through fiscal responsibility and thoughtful management.
  • We Provide Quality: We are committed to excellence in everything we do.


We treat others as we expect to be treated-with respect and dignity.

  • We Are Approachable: We make others feel welcome, so they can ask for assistance.
  • We Build Rapport: We find value in connections with others.
  • We Practice Empathy: We try to understand or relate to the thoughts, emotions and experiences of others.
  • We Show Courtesy: We are friendly, courteous and well-mannered. We show concern for others.


We anticipate the needs of others and follow through in a prompt, positive and professional manner.

  • We Listen: We actively listen to understand everyone's needs and points of view.
  • We Are Informative: We provide helpful, relevant information and-when warranted-seek out additional information that may be beneficial.
  • We Give Support: We provide resources, time, and encouragement to help others meet their needs.
  • We Are Timely: We respond in a time frame appropriate to the situation.


We trust one another and work to earn the trust of our community.

  • We Are Accountable: We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • We Are Honest: We are truthful, regardless of the outcome.
  • We Are Reliable: We do what we say we will do.
  • We Have Integrity: We do what is right, even when no one is watching.

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