Public Speakers

Learn more about the City of Stillwater, how it operates, what services it provides, which projects are underway and plans for the future by scheduling a presentation for your group, special event or classroom. Members of the Stillwater City Council and city staff are pleased to address specific municipal topics or to respond to general city-related questions.

Groups may include neighborhood associations, school clubs, civic organizations, or any Stillwater group wanting to be informed.

To request a presentation by city staff or City Council, contact us one of three ways:

We'll contact you to confirm arrangements. Allow for a 30-day advance notice for your presentation. If you don't see the topic you need, let us know.


General Government

  • Growing Stillwater: Learn about our changing business community and the tools used to promote strong growth
  • How to get involved: Role of citizens in city government
  • Learn more about Utility Customer Service
  • Let's talk trash and recycling
  • Parks and Recreation opportunities
  • Putting the work in public works: Meet the Operations Department
  • Running your city: Overall operations of city government
  • Transparency in government
  • Your city golf course: Lakeside Memorial Golf Course
  • Your tax dollars at work

Animal Welfare

  • Animal Welfare's mission, function, and responsibilities.
  • Too many animals, too few homes. Pet overpopulation and solutions, for adults or the school classroom.

Development Services

  • Master planning and visioning for Stillwater
  • What requires a building permit?
  • Grants
  • What is stormwater?
  • Can I build in the floodplain?

Environmental Programs

  • Environmental Programs: Who we are and what we do
  • Beware of FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)
  • Introduction to the Industrial Pretreatment Program
  • Annual Trash-Off
  • Household Hazardous Waste collection
  • Presentations on specific environmental issues are possible. Call or email us for more information.


  • The Stillwater Public Library's knowledgeable and experienced librarians are available to present a wide range of timely and informative topics. For a complete list, visit the Library's website.

Public Safety (Fire)

  • History of the Stillwater Fire Department
  • How to become Firewise
  • Fire prevention education for the home or workplace
  • Customized fire prevention presentations are available. Call or email us for more information.

Public Safety (Police)

  • Alcohol laws (for college students)
  • Crime, drugs and drug laws
  • Drug court and the criminal justice system
  • Elder exploitation
  • False identification card detection for liquor and convenience stores
  • Fingerprint classes for elementary schools
  • Forensics class for school students
  • Home and personal safety
  • Identity theft
  • Internet crimes against children
  • Internet crimes for elementary schools
  • Internet crimes/safety
  • K-9 Presentations
  • Property crimes and personal safety
  • Public education on crimes against children
  • Sexual assault awareness
  • White collar crimes

Public Safety (Emergency Management)

  • Community emergency response training
  • Flooding
  • How Stillwater Emergency Management Agency responds to a severe weather event
  • Lightning safety and our warning system
  • Outdoor warning system
  • Stillwater Emergency Management Agency: Our role in the community
  • The Flash Flood Guidance system and how we use it
  • The role of the Emergency Operation Center
  • The Stillwater Emergency Management Volunteer: A vital community resource
  • Winter weather safety

T.I.M.E. Projects

  • Animal Welfare Building
  • Fire Station No. 2
  • Transportation Projects


  • What's happening at the Stillwater Regional Airport?
  • Pavement Management Program
  • Transportation Capital Programs
  • Complete Streets
  • Road diets
  • Traffic signals
  • Off-Street Trail Plan


  • Animal Welfare
  • Emergency Operation Center
  • Lakeside Memorial Golf Course
  • Stillwater Fire Stations
  • Stillwater Regional Airport