Animal Control

Stillwater Animal Welfare - Animal Control Vehicle

Our Animal Welfare Officers, who do the job because they're committed to the wellbeing of animals, have a wide variety of duties. In addition to catching dogs running at large and bringing them to the shelter while we look for an owner, they take our shelter animals to and from the vet, vaccinate them, administer medications, socialize and behavior test shelter animals and train volunteers. They educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, responsible pet ownership, and city ordinances.

Our staff attends community events to help socialize our adoptable dogs and hopefully, find homes for them. In the office, they answer calls, complete intakes and adoptions, help with meet-and-greets and update our messages on social media. They also get their hands dirty, cleaning kennels and collecting dead animals off the road and sidewalk within city limits.

If you see a dog at large, call (405) 372-0334 or call (405) 372-4171 after hours.