Lost & Found

All stray dogs picked up within city limits come to our shelter, which fills up quickly. There are some days we have no space for more strays and ask the finders to hold onto the dogs they have found.

We charge a $5 fee for each day we hold a dog at the shelter. Owners picking up their dogs must pay that fee and provide proof of rabies vaccination. If they don't have proof, they have 10 days to get their dog vaccinated and return to the shelter with proof, or they could face a citation.

If You Find an Animal

You can help lost pets find their way home and keep space at the shelter free for other animals that need it by taking a few actions before bringing them to the shelter:

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood where you found the animal. Most lost dogs reclaimed at our shelter were found within a half mile of their home.
  • Use social media and post photos of the animal on lost and found pet pages. There are two Facebook groups for lost and found pets around Stillwater.
  • Call the shelter to report the animal you found, in case someone is looking for it.
  • Check the pet for a microchip with the owner's contact information at Petco, a veterinary clinic or use one of the donated microchip readers the Humane Society of Stillwater has made available at various locations around town.