City Attorney's Office

Pursuant to Article III of the Stillwater City Charter, the City Attorney's Office provides all legal services to the mayor and City Council, municipal trusts, authorities, boards and commissions established under state statute, city charter and city ordinance, and city administration.

The City Attorney's Office functions as a full-service law office. The scope of services provided by the office is diverse and includes, without limitation: 

  • legal advice (formal/informal legal opinions, meeting assistance)
  • document drafting and/or review (ordinances, resolutions, regulations, policies, contracts, agreements, conveyancing instruments, bonds)
  • representation (civil litigation/special actions in federal and state courts, proceedings before federal and state administrative agencies/tribunals, arbitration and mediation)
  • prosecution (municipal court, police department assistance)
  • claim administration/review (tort, workers' compensation)
  • general legal assistance (labor/employment negotiation, property acquisition/condemnation, economic/community development matters, investigation of alleged administrative misconduct, and panel/committee support)

Because the City Charter expressly designates it as a department of the City of Stillwater, the City Attorney's Office does not provide legal services or advice to the general public.

Persons requiring legal assistance are encouraged to consult lawyer referral services offered by the Oklahoma Bar Association or the Payne County Bar Association.

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