Business In Stillwater, OK

Stillwater is proud to offer an expanding economy with opportunities across a range of industries.

Operating a Business in Stillwater

While businesses are not required to register with the City of Stillwater, certain types of businesses are mandated by local ordinances to hold a license or permit on an annual basis. Zoning and planning may also be required. Learn more in the sections below.


Visit the Licenses page for a comprehensive list of licenses, their fees, and application forms.

Building Permits

A permit is required for the construction of a new structure or for significant modifications to an existing structure. This ensures commercial buildings meet the building code requirements and safety standards.

  • To obtain a permit, you need to submit an application and obtain approval. Depending on the scope of the project, additional permits may be necessary.
  • Failure to obtain the necessary permits before starting construction or modifications may result in legal action, fines, or the need to remove or modify the structure to comply with regulations.

For more information, visit the Building Permits page.

Planning & Zoning

Applications for planning and zoning are required for various projects, such as rezoning a property, obtaining a Specific Use Permit, splitting a property lot, closing, and more. Some projects are presented to the Planning Commission, City Council, and/or Board of Adjustment for review and approval.

Visit the Planning and Zoning page for a list of applications.

Additional Requirements

When it comes to doing business in the state of Oklahoma, there are additional requirements to consider beyond those specific to the City of Stillwater. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce website provides helpful resources on its Doing Business in Oklahoma page.

Payne County Health Department review is a mandatory requirement for all food and lodging establishments operating within Payne County. To undergo this review process, establishments must submit an application for Plan Review (PDF) to the Payne County Health Department.

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